Winners of the 2016 National Poetry Day Competitions

Congratulations to each of the winners of the 2016 National Poetry Day Competitions.

Given Words Online Poetry Project in Spain, Nationwide
Winner: Sue Wootton
Winner under-16s: Elizabeth Milne

Online Poetry Competition, Nationwide
Winner: Tony Chapelle

Song and Poetry Thing Quick-Competition, Waiheke Island
Winner: Katy Voyles
2nd Place: Jim Mervis
3rd Equal: Eleanor Rimoldi and Julie Biuso
Commendations: Greg Treadwell and Sheryl Baker

Emerging Poets Competition, Auckland
Winner: Michelle Chote
Runner up: Iva Vemic
Judged by Vana Manasiadi

Wardini Books’ Great Big National Poetry Day Competition, Hawke's Bay
Winner: to come.

Matariki/Winter Poetry Competition, Kapiti Coast
Adult Winners
1st Place: Bruce Stephenson
2nd Place: John Ewen
3rd Place (equal): Tim Calder and Paul Higham
Teen Winners
1st Place: Winnie Van't Hof-Pacheco
2nd Place: Ballad Woodley-Hanan
3rd Place: Patricia Simmons
Child Winners
1st Place: Nicholas Harman
2nd Place: Andrea Hughes
3rd Place: Rachel Emma Cowie

Hagley Writer's Institute National Poetry Day Competition, Canterbury
Winner: Danielle O’Halloran
Runner Up:
Sile Mannion
Judged by: James Norcliffe

Grey District National Poetry Day Competition, Grey District
Winner 18+: Michael Millar
Highly Commended 18+: Glenyse Perfect and Cherie Halsey
Winner 13 & Under: Tara Foster
Highly Commended 13 & Under: Sami Donaldson and Ashleigh Matthews

Space and Time Poetry Competition for Children, Wanaka
Winner 9-12 year olds: Abby McArthur
2nd Place: Indigo Launder Upton
3rd Equal: Bradley Gendall & Luke Smith
Winner 5-8 year olds: Nelson Mapp
2nd Place: Georgia Murray
3rd Place: Hugh Davis