How to run a Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day Event

Your Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day event or activity can be anything that promotes New Zealand poetry or poets to the public. Your event will be included in the official calendar of events promoted to the national media and the national administrator will be with you each step of the way.

Planning Your Event
Key Dates and Deadlines
Guidelines for Events
Support for Your Event

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Thinking about getting involved?

Before you register, you will need to decide on your:

Stuck for ideas? Examples of successful Poetry Day events and activities include:

  • Open mic nights and poetry readings
  • Poetry slams and music-poetry jams
  • Collaborative performances
  • Haiku battles, improv contests
  • Public workshops and creative challenges
  • Visual projects and street-chalking missions
  • Online activities with a nationwide reach

Think big. What would attract a large audience?

A full guidelines pack with a step-by-step guide to planning your event is available here.

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • National Poetry Day: Friday 21 August 2020

Event Guidelines - NOT APPLICABLE FOR 2020

Your event must follow the official guidelines for Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day events. Involve your local bookshop, library, and/or school and make New Zealand poetry available for purchase whenever possible. Visit to find your local bookshops.

Official guidelines are as follows:

  1. The event or activity will provide an opportunity for the New Zealand public to experience, create or share poetry, and discover New Zealand poets and poetry books.
  2. The event or activity will showcase poetry in an engaging, creative or entertaining way that is likely to attract an audience.
  3. The event or activity will promote poetry, New Zealand poets and Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day to new audiences and the wider community. It involves a workable plan to use local and social media to promote each activity, the contributing poets and National Poetry Day itself, to the wider community and to a target audience. To find out more about how you will need to promote your event please click here.
    1. Event organisers are required to create an entry for the national calendar of events for each of their registered activities, so the event/s may be included in the online calendar of events on the Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day website, which is promoted to national media. Calendar entries must be formatted to match the relevant calendar blurb template and should be provided in draft form at the time of registration.
    2. Event organisers are also required to provide a digital poster for promotions on the Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day Facebook page and other media platforms.
    3. The Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day logo and a link to the National Poetry Day website must be included in all promotional materials.
  4. Entry to the event is free, koha or low-cost.
  5. The event or activity takes place on Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day, 21 August 2020.
    1. Prelude and wrap-up events are permitted in the week prior to and the weekend following National Poetry Day, provided they will promote the wider calendar of events and be clearly described as warm-up or wind-down/wrap-up activities.
    2. For competitions, submission dates should not precede the competitions calendar launch on 10 July, and should align with date of Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day in some way (for more details about competitions, click here).
  6. The event must not run at the same time as other events in the same area. Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day is a day of coordinated activities and in places lucky enough to have multiple events, the timetable should allow people to move from one event to another, sampling all that their local poetry scene has to offer. We recommend communicating with other event organisers in your community to ensure you do not create a calendar clash. You can contact the national administrator to query available times or find out who you need to touch base with. Be prepared to be asked to move the time of your event if there is a timetable clash.

Support for your Event

The following support will be provided to local and regional event organisers:

  • Inclusion in the online national calendar of events that is promoted to the national media.
  • An organisers’ pack of planning and promotional tips, contacts, links and a guide to the process all the way through to reporting.
  • Access to the password-protected event organisers webpage where you will find all the information and digital resources you need, whenever you need them.
  • Poster templates, visuals, logo and a press release template for your promotions
  • Promotion of your digital posters on the Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day Facebook Page.
  • Advice and support in developing your event, linking with the poetry community and bringing your event to successful completion – provided by the national administrator.