About National Poetry Day
Alayne Dick and Sara Hirsch host the 'Windswept Slam' by Motif Poetry in Wellington, National Poetry Day 2020

About National Poetry Day

First established in 1997, National Poetry Day is a one-day national poetry event extravaganza held on a Friday in late August each year. In 2021, the date for Phantom National Poetry Day is Friday 27th August.

It's an event that always has something for everybody, from seasoned poets, to total newbies, to the simply-a-bit-curious! 2020's celebration turned out to be the most unique and intrepid National Poetry Day so far, with numerous in-person events supplemented by many online and socially-distanced endeavours!

The magic and excitement of poetry always pervades the day, with the poetry community turning out in droves to discover New Zealand poets, share poetry, and experience the joy of the written and spoken word.

The events are all organised by poetry-loving volunteers and will involve thousands of people in towns and cities all across the motu.

We are anticipating a fun-filled, joyous celebration for 2021, with over 120 events registered!

To find out more about this year's event, see here:

Phantom National Poetry Day is governed by the New Zealand Book Awards Trust.